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Great filter venture(GFV)is a professional venture capital institution established by the founding team members of Tencent Holdings(HKG:0700). Adhering to the enterprise belief of "Making the world better and China stronger", GFV is aiming to long-term accompany with outstanding enterprises , helping them to give full play to their potential and creates a leading enterprise in the industry and even in the world.

Since its establishment,GFV mainly focused on five areas, including autonomous driving & intelligent vehicles, semiconductors, new materials, commercial aerospace and biomedicine . By the end of 2021, GFV has invested more than 40 enterprises with technological innovation ability, high growth and high development potential,such as Space X,JD Logistics, Black Sesame,Galactic Energy,UTC,Zhimeng Biopharma,Calmcar,FUTU and Jiuri New Materials.

GFV has gathered outstanding global investment talents and formed a team with diversified industry background, global investment perspective and resources to help enterprises' technology innovation and create long-term value.


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